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HC Real Estate News: Blockchain empowers practitioners in the real economy Jihong Group made a big appearance at CBST

2022-03-18 16:41:58
On November 18, 2019, the three-day CBST2019 Ninth China International Beverage Industry Technology Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition is hosted by China Beverage Industry Association, an authoritative organization in the Chinese beverage industry. The theme is “Industry Chain Innovation” and “Let more innovative technologies be industrialized”. It brings together professional buyers and sellers in the beverage industry at home and abroad to build innovation and sharing Beverage industry exhibition exchange and cooperation platform.
As a highly influential and authoritative brand exhibition in China’s beverage industry, this CBST comprehensively brings together the most cutting-edge beverage scientific and technological innovation achievements and the entire beverage industry chain technology, and uses the innovation chain to penetrate the industrial chain, attracting many well-known Chinese and foreign companies in the industry to participate With multiple themed exhibition halls, Jihong  Group Co., Ltd. was invited to participate as an industry-leading provider  of packaging design, marketing planning, and blockchain technology services for food and FMCG industry.
For more than ten years since the establishment of Jihong Group, it has always been based on industry trends, based on market conditions, and based on customer needs. It has followed real-time trends in emerging industry information and industrial technology innovation and change trends, and has been following the trend of the times to expand Internet business. At the exhibition, attending as a “blockchain empowering real economy practitioners” to provide inspirational perspectives and practical experience for the innovative development of the beverage industry chain.
Jihong Group Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiary Geely Chain Technology Co.,Ltd, together with Huobi China and Zhongxiang Bit, jointly initiated the establishment of “The Food and Beverage Industry Blockchain Industry Alliance, and plans to generate a new ecological development model for the “blockchain +” industry together. During the exhibition, Ms. Zhuang Hao, Chairman of Jihong Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Fan Jin, Assistant President of Huobi China, Tsinghua x-lab Special Instructor, and Mr. Cui Zhihua, Technical Director of Zhongxiang Bit have taken wonderful speeches, and shared their great ideas Focusing on the theme of “blockchain empowering the real economy”. Base on the successful application mode and application scenario of blockchain technology in the beverage industry as an example, they shared blockchain technology in product anti-counterfeiting traceability, anti-channeling, user information and transaction security. The results achieved in other aspects, and in-depth analysis of the application status and future prospects of blockchain technology in other real economy fields. And The Food and Beverage Industry Blockchain Industry Alliance mainly takes the blockchain as the leading-edge information infrastructure, and integrates data marketing,  OPOC (One Pack, One Code) Services, online promotion, IP cooperation, etc. to generate a blockchain + FMCG industry solution together, To provide FMCG customers with “full production and full process traceability platform”, “blockchain industrial control management platform”, “blockchain data storage and auditing platform” and other solutions.
The above speeches received a warm response from guests, as the chairman of Jihong Group, Ms. Zhuang Hao said: “We’ve missed e-commerce ten years ago, we’ve missed short-videos three years ago, and now we cannot miss the blockchain business today!”