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Digital Marketing

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    Digital marketing

    Integrate marketing resources, use customized services to meet customer needs, and provide FMCG customers with marketing solutions that integrate marketing planning, technical implementation and online media resource integration.

    Deeply cultivate brand marketing, performance marketing, and new media marketing, and provide customers with comprehensive and efficient mobile Internet advertising traffic transactions and marketing solutions.

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    The company’s cross-border e-commerce business is an extension of precision advertising. By using AI algorithms to analyze overseas markets and accurately target customer groups, it can conduct online B2C sales in the form of single-page advertisements on social software (such as Facebook and Instagram). Cross-border sales of cost-effective Chinese-made products to Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries or regions.

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    “One pack One Code” Marketing Service

    Take packaging as the carrier, OPOC (One Pack One Code) service provides brand customers with integrated marketing, traceability, and distribution solutions based on one thing and one code, and uses variable two-dimensional codes as a bridge, relying on the best domestic blockchain technology companies as technical support to help packaging customers Comprehensive marketing activities, access to online traffic resources for promotional activities, and increase sales of fast-moving consumer goods for brand customers.